Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little Donkey...and some horses

I found the dream spot to build my country mansion. Stunning area, just perfect.

Too bad the only ones who get to appreciate the lovely views are some horses and two precious donkeys. We need about 20 acres, and agreed we would get a pony, some alpacas and a dog. And lots and lots of cats. Now I need to add a donkey to the list. I had 2 bags of carrots with me (like all good country people), we really needed a 10 kilo bulk bag; have added to my shopping list.

Shy at first but happy to say hello, Cate starts pony lessons in a few weeks, she wants to ride but just enough to walk around, she plans on having a shepherd dog to round up her lone sheep?? Funnily enough I found her a riding instructor at the local patchwork shop, I wonder if I could pay her in fabric?

Another visit planned for Christmas morning, I've told her that Santa will NOT be bringing her a horse this year.   


AJ said...

That sounds like quite a collection of animals! Hope you still have time to sew!

Sarah said...

I want to come live there with y'all!