Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kings Park

I took the kids to Kings Park last Sunday to meet up with my cousins and to say goodbye to my parents, who have now left for there trip around Australia. The weather was fantastic, the kids loved the freedom of running in the playground while I got to sit back and catch up with all my cousins. Easter break, school holidays and I have two weeks leave from work so we've planned to go back to the city for a day, Cate is desperate to have a ride on the Perth Wheel and I need to do some winter clothes shopping with them. Cate is wearing her hat made by AJ, lots of comments from family and the girl at the ice-cream kiosk gave it a thumbs up! After the park we went home via the Perth Upmarket, so many great stalls but we got there fairly late, around 3.00pm so had to zoom through, my fave stalls being Mokoh Design, ele-ahbaant and Two Little Banshees. The kids were tired out, next market is 27th of June so will head up sans kids!

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AJ said...

Glad the hat fits Cate...I had something for the boys too but didn't get them finished in time...next posting I promise!