Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Squeak and Rowdy

There's a new Guinea Pig in the house! We named him Rowdy because he is, well, so Rowdy! He's actually more squeaky as in high pitched ear piercing squeals when anyone dares open the fridge or take something from the fruit bowl, but we can't have Squeak One and Squeak Two, so Rowdy he is. Born on New Years day, he is 9 weeks old and the "cutest little fella" according to Cate. Rowdy loves brocolli, cabbage and apple, spending time on the lawn and snuggling up to Squeak. Squeak has been welcoming to his new friend, perhaps a tad disapointed he is not a she but all is good in the hutch. Rowdy actually came from an Alpaca Farm so I was in my element when we went to go pick him up. Pet Alpaca's start at $450, guniea pigs $20 so if your after either I can recomend taking a visit to Amanda's Alpaca Farm. Poor Kippy is a tad jealous of all the attention being lavished on the new member of the family (she has mastered the art of sulking!) so were trying to spread the love. New Guinea Piq quilts coming up!


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