Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Library Bags

Stuart picked out some Yoda Star Wars fabric a few months ago when I coerced him to come to Textile Traders with me. Textile Traders is next to Harvey Norman and he likes to go there to play the demo PS3 games so I think that's how I got him to come shopping with me. From memory the demo controller was not working so to keep the peace I let him buy a metre of this fabric. He couldn't decide what he wanted me to make with it, he was thinking pillowcase or a cushion but it was put aside and not thought of. Untill today. The kids bought home a note from school advising that no matter how old they think they are, no child is allowed to borrow a library book without a library bag.
So 2 new library bags have been made, one staring Yoda, the other a blue monkey swimming print. So simple, each bag is just 2 same sized rectangles (aprox .5m fabric used) and sewn together with a drawstring top, each bag took about 15 minutes. Here they are ninja kicking each other. Delightful.
Monday is library day, lets see what they bring home this week to read.


AJ said...

Nice Ads!
I made Aden one yesterday too!

Leah said...

Ads, do they still have that Yoda fabric? I'd be delighted to buy 2 metres through you...

Anonymous said...

My g-son is despate to have twin size comforter for his bed. WHERE can I get six yards?????