Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cat Cushion

I made this cat cushion for Staurts class mate Amy-Jade, it was her 9th birthday a few weeks ago. I took some photos but accidently deleted them before I could download them, glad I did as Amy-Jade is a way better model with her cushion than our side shrub!
This one was made exactly the same as the dog cushion except I quilted the centre cat panal 1/4 inch apart with the cross hatching and it took forever. Looked great though, just took ages, has a real quilted feel to it.
Same 18" cushion insert but I made the last border a tad smaller for a more snug look. I think I am all cushioned out for a few weeks, but I bought the cutest Easter panal so was going to make some for thie living area, no doubt they will end up in Cate's room, last count she had 6 on her bed!

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AJ said...

You can never have too many cushions on your bed!