Saturday, February 6, 2010

Back to School

Photos a little late, but the kids went back to school last Monday. Oliver is in year 5, he assures me he has gotten taller but I just don't see it. He thinks his new teacher is great, loves how there's been no homework for the past week and is so happy to be back at school with all his friends.
Stuart in year 4, thriled theres a new boy in his class so thats 4 boys to 12 girls! He's looking forward to camp this year and loves all the party invites he's been getting. Homework, not so keen on but it's been maths only so he wizzes through it. (Don't let the uniform fool you, he came home missing a shoelace and his shirt covered in yogo!)
Cate is now in year 2, her class is choc-a-block full with 25 kids. She's happy as, plays with a mix of boys and girls but still has her one best friend. She is looking forward to joining the school netball team in term 2 and was back at her first Calisthenics lesson today.
Here's for a great school year for twenty ten!

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Helen said...

LOL at Stu! Classic!