Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Cate

7 today, and so grown up!Very happy with her presents, a Barbie and the Island Princess play set, new Dora DS Game, a much wanted skipping rope, some Charlie and Lola colouring books, hair accesories, scrapbooking supplies, new PJ's and my fave, a Lovelinks Petite bracelet. Cupcakes for school, Gluten Free of course, and we headed out to dinner with my parents to Cate's fave resturant...Hungry Jacks!!Happy Birthday Cakington!!


Cass said...

Happy Birthday Cate, sounds like a great day

Cascade Lily said...

She's so cute :) Glad she had a great day!

Helen said...

Happy birthday Catie Rose!!!