Monday, November 2, 2009

Cate Solo

Some pics of Cate at her Solo, she was competing against 17 other girls, half were state team so huge difference in skill. They were doing forward and backward walkovers, one handed cartwheels, leg splits in both directions...I was happy Cate remembered her routine!!The judges were pleased too, coments on her Critique Sheet included "Good to see flex movements"; "Lovely grooming"; "You tried very hard today and remembered all your movements"; "Nice performance" and the most positive "Work for stronger presentation as you show potential".Exams next, then a much needed break before we do it all over again for another year!

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Kylie said...

Well done Cate. That last comment is great. Not only does it praise her, it gives her encouragement to strive harder. You have every right to be a proud mum!