Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Flat Cat

Poor Kippy, she is suffering from Flat Cat. Lethargic, high temperature, unwilling to eat, drink or move even a whisker. Rare vaccination side effects, 4 trips to the vet and she is feeling a little better, just wanting to be held. Muffin has to have his booster tomorrow, he's more robust with all that fur! I have been making some little cat quilts, simple designs in bright colours, purr-fect for practicing some BSR on my new machine. It's being delivered in 12 hours, yipee!!


zarina said...

That's how am feeling right now. After two weeks injured my right foot, suffering from nerve damage and last night both my knees gave out on me (yesterday went out for my first lunch outing at the office).

Emma said...

Poos Kips, but that second photo in particular is awfully cute!

AJ said...

Poor Kip!!

Cute photo of the two of them!

Jackie said...

Oh no! I hope your kitty is feeling better soon.

Congrats on the new machine!

white kitty said...

wow, hope ur cats already got well!!
how do u do^^

"Playing with cats is one way to "delete" my stressfull life"