Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stash Sunday ~ Week 6 ~ Spots

I love spots, I tend to collect them but don't really use them, hmmm whats with that? Must make a spotty quilt sometime soon. Or some spotty cushions. My newest spots, I bought these from Amitie, such yum colours. And a pic of Little Cat, having a nap, its warm here today so he's hanging with the kids watching Inspector Gadget, I bought some videos this morning at a fete for $1- each, no one seems to have video players anymore so lots of bargains (I bought 6!)


Cyliebug said...

Great spots! Don't you just love Amitie.

Little Munchkins said...

OOooh, nice! I love spots fabric and I think you have a nice collection going there. Must check out Amitie. I see some I like in your pic.

Alinta said...

I love love love spots!! I finally ate into my collection last night, and now feel i need to run out and get more!! Amite have some great fabrics!