Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stash Sunday ~ Week 5 ~ Retro Cowboys

How cute is this retro cowboy collection I have! A perfect fabric print for a toddler boy's quilt; or a pocket patch detail on some cargo shorts or for some bunting to decorate a nursery.
Complete change of topic, but I survived my first week back at work. No time for sewing or quilting, we spent the weekend having visitors for Cate's birthday celebrations and now I am fighting off a cold so another early night. Perhaps I will have a WIP for Wednesday? I can only hope!!


Cyliebug said...

I have these, aren't they just the best! Mine just sit there though waiting for me to dream up something. Hope you do something fab with them soon!

Jane said...

Hmmmmmm it must be the lack of children but these are rare missing areas in my stash.
I am tempted by the previous spots and have sort of kept them in check.