Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back from Ballarat

Well, we did technically go to Melbourne but we spent most of our time around Ballarat and in the rural areas of Vic, I just loved Ballarat, so so so nice! A great week away but a few days too long for me, living in hotel rooms and eating out for every meal, I was missing the kids and my cats by day 5. I picked up some great shopping purchases to make up for my woes! So many kids clothing boutiques, shoe shops, Pandora outlets and the fabric so yum.
Sorry about the poor quality pics. And the posting, Little Cat is laying frontwards along my lap with his head on my shoulder / neck, typing and posting one handed a tad tricky, my independent cat is glad I am home. To the fabric~
Amitie Patchwork~ buy 2 FQ get 1 free, who could resist that deal? Some Amy Butler FQ for my stash And this jumbo pile of 25cm strips hand picked by me from the shelves. No particular reason, just liked the colours and prints, they seem to go together well. And half a metre of these 2 prints, maybe a skirt for Cate?Spotlight~ Always worth a look, I got Helen some different Fat Flats in brights, and these 2 for me, not seen them before at my local, I think the red one is quite Christmassy.Ballarat Patchwork~ Lots of yummy fabrics here. I went in on a mission and went a tad nuts, the aim is to leave no room in your suitcase right? A kit for my mum (who stayed home watching the kids for us) in choc and mint colours, I also bought it in the pink colour way for me (but I think she wants to swap?)For my sister dear, a Kaffe Fassett cushion kit for Helen. Not to sure on the cushion but maybe she will just make the top as a dolls quilt? Or not. Still nice. Very Dear Jane-ish. And for a future group project, this Lime and Soda pattern and template set, 2008 was the year of Handmade and 2009 is the year of For Keeps so I will have to put some time aside to tackle curves and circles. And then, I saw a quilt. A completed quilt. In the Bento Box pattern. And it was for sale. At a great price. So I just had to buy it! Just a little pic, this deserves a post of its own, got to get a rod to hang it asap!No more fabric purchases for a while, back to Full Time work tomorrow so we shall see how much sewing time I can get in. Stash Sunday moved to Stash Monday due to long fabric post, sorry :(


Emma said...

Nich haul! I think you could have called your post Sunday Stash anyway ;)

Leah said...

Welcome home! Looks like a fabulous trip, and hope your new job goes well :)

AJ said...


Can't wait to see the rest of that quilt!
I spy some pin cushion fabric!!