Thursday, November 1, 2012

Photo Thursday #5

~ Stuart cricket practice ~ sewing from a pattern ~ new drill fabric ~ raffle quilt finished ~ dance concert tickets bought ~ Squeak in the park ~ winners ~ Kippy at the window ~ Muffin ~ colour coded m&m's ~ koala cupcakes ~ Halloween balloons ~ hot enough for icy poles ~ Kipper dressed as a lion ~ Halloween decorations at work ~ witch ~


essaysun writing service said...

Very nice! i loved all the photos you have here for us today. love seeing you grow everyday! my fav is the one in which you are holding a trophy in your hand wearing a black slip.

vertical expansion joint said...

Hey... You are a very lively person who enjoys each moment of your life. This is a fun to read your blogs and to see your images and activities you do. I am sure you would have enjoyed all this in real life too. Stay blessed always.