Friday, August 24, 2012

Trip to the snow

For months we have been promising the kids a trip to play in the snow, and we finally did it! I took a week off work and pulled them out of school for a few days and we took off. Only a 3 hour drive to the nearest snow resort, not really a resort more a little village with a toboggan run.
Kids had a great time, we did quite a few hikes, played in many playgrounds, ate at alot of country bakery's and even rescued a horse from the road!
Some of my fave pics, we hiked to the summit and that's where the real snow was so they attempted to make snow angels and a snowman and they all ate some. lol. On the toboggan run it was man made snow so more of an ice chip than fluffy and white but still a great experience.
Next vacation? Queensland!!


AJ said...

woo hoo QLD!!

The Humming Cat said...

Yes, I want somewhere warm!!