Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photo Day

Today was photo day, yipee. I love that they take studio photos of all the girls. I snapped a few photos in between helping to dress and fix hair, those wiglets can be quite tricky to get in and out. It was a good opportunity to see how all the costumes will look when on stage together, and how they fit. Plus it gave me some much needed practice with applying head pieces and false eyelashes!

Club uniform 

March - Pirates of the Caribbean

Rods - 76 Trombones


Free Arm - Cat in a Hat

Stage Review - Jungle Melody

And Folk dance to come, the costumes are not yet completed but they are red and white satin with gold sequins and look amazing. 3 weeks to the first competition, we can't wait!


Bec - Farmers Wife said...

The customes look great and so well displayed!

Sarah said...

They are all so cute! i wish I could see one of her shows.