Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hmm where did May get to?

Slack blogger I am, I seem to of missed a month. What have I been up to? With the help of some lovely friends we made a mini house quilt for my dear sister's 40th Birthday.I made this little house with the side verandah, fabric by Jan Mullen. The annual Quilt fair came, I told myself I didn't need to qo to and have had regreated it ever since, hence the new spotty FQ collection.
Cate's been dancing heap's and is now in the advanced acrobat class, so proud. She has her Jazz solo coming up in 6 weeks and I have to get started on her costume. Her reading's improved and she's still ahead of her peers for maths and science, mini engineer in the making. I've been busy repairing and re sequining 12 purple and silver leo's for Calisthenic's, I have also sequined one homeless Russian mouse costume and made a start on 40 furry mouse ears; all with looming deadlines.
Stuart has had 3 trips to the dentist and I have kindly been informed he may need specialist treatment, ouch.
Oliver went into hospital and had his grommit removed from his ear, all went well and we were only in for the afternoon.
I remembered my other little hobby; Scrapbooking and have stocked up on a new album, heaps of papers and just had 80 photos printed. I'm going to a scrap night and thinking about enrolling in weekly classes too!And that's pretty much the month of May for me!

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Sarah said...

The house quilt is fabulous! If your sister is worried about turning 40, this will surely make it all better.