Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mini Comps

Cate had her Calisthenics's Mini Comp last Saturday. We went to Perth on the Friday morning (taking the day off school and work), hitting Ikea hard, eating out and lots of shopping, catching up with friends and flaking by 4pm back at our hotel. Mini Comps are always fun, supposedly less stress than the state comp but all the same really. Cate is in Team 2 and is centre front for clubs, centre left for rods and aesthetic and free arm and she's in Team 1 for March. She's not lead a team before so I was super nervous for her but she pulled it off brilliantly and I am so proud of her. Results- March 1st Place; Aesthetic 3rd Place; Freearm 2nd Place; Clubs 1st Place; Rods 3rd Place. Overall we placed 2nd!! Woot!Family concert tomorrow, then 2 week's break from performing and onto State Comps. Most girls finish up then except the few who come back term 4 for solo's, duo's and exams. Netball finishes in 3 weeks as well, but we've started Rhythmic Gymnastics so that makes up for the gap, I need to take up a hand sewing project to counteract all the time I spend sitting in high school gyms.

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Emma said...

OI! I blogged last night and you didn't! I'm at work, but don't have your home email here. Email me, I'm bored!