Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Calisthenics Costumes

Costume time again!
On top of being the Fundraising Co-Ordinator (anyone want to buy some chocolate??) I am also the Costume Co-Ordinator for Team 2. Cate's coach went through all the costumes and matched to music tracks and then handed to me to re vamp ready for our August competitions. 5 dances X 9 girls = 45 leotards. All of the mums are supposed to help, but out of 24 girls only about 6 mums actually assist. Unpicking and sequining is so easy, just need to convince them that they will enjoy it. Cate loves trying costumes on, and then telling me how I should fix it, what would make them look prettier, where more sparkle is needed ...(you get the idea). Of course the coaches get the final say, some leotards are quite nice and need very little work, but some of them are down right hideous with there fluro colour combinations, jazzy prints, both tule and lycra mixed with sequins!


AJ said...

Cate is soooo cute!

Helen said...

I like the emerald green one!