Sunday, September 14, 2014

Washing Day Blues

Our washing machine decided to stop spinning. And draining. The draining was fixed easily enough by flushing out the hose, but the spinning not so much. Its 10 years old and used multiple times a day. Which to me is surprising as we really only wear the one outfit all day? But there are school uniforms, maybe a load of whites, dance gear to be washed separate, then some towels, farm getup, guinea pig blankets...

But after a quick search it turns out you can still buy parts for it, and new motor is only $66, much more economical than buying a new washer. It will take 2 days for the motor to get here and there forecasting rain so so off to the local laundromat, sorry, Launderette. Fancy.

Just in case your wondering, it was $9 a load and tumble drying was $1 for 8 minutes, each basket takes about 24 minutes to dry, they are super industrial. And huge, each machine holds 3 baskets so for $36 I did a weeks washing plus towels and two quilts. I am definitely going to come here again.

And the added bonus of no washing machine, well time for more sewing.

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