Monday, May 5, 2014

Reuben and JoJo

We bought two donkeys for the paddock, Rueben on the right, the brown one, and JoJo the white one.

Both boys, they were sent down in a truck from the Northern Territory, up there they are considered a pest. About 60 were gathered up and sent to a local auction, thankfully they were all purchased by a local donkey rescue group and private buyers.

They are very timid but will come around with some love, they have halters on so we can move them easily if needed. Reuben loves apples, JoJo prefers carrots, were going out there every morning and night and they are getting closer to us, every morning there waiting at the gate for there brecky. Our farmer whom we lease the property off thinks were insane but hey, better than a lawn mower.

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