Sunday, June 3, 2012

Retro Flowers

I was all ready to jump on the Swoon wagon, but the sheer size of the blocks and the amount of cutting put me off for now, I need something a tad easier to manage. I've seen a few other patterns I like just as much, especially this one I am going to make for the boys.  However, for now I have settled on this one for me; Retro Flowers.
Using my 4" Drunkard's Path templates, I have made one block, but its come up a tad wonky so will perhaps try again, I need 16 blocks in total. Tip is to use a  small rotary cutter, the 45mm is to hard to navigate close to the curve and get a clean cut in one go. And invest in a curvemaster foot, no pinning required! Retro Flowers pattern here and some really good rotary cutting tips here.

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