Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Festival of Quilts

Cate and I went to a quilt show last Sunday. Held at the Mining Exchange as part of the Begonia Festival, the display was put on by a local quilt group the Begonia Quilters.  
I always seem to like the same sort of quilts, fairly easy to sew but such nice colours. I like traditional quilts with bright modern fabrics. Cate loved this wolf one, made using a variety of sewing and embellishing, although she did say that it could do with some sequins! 
The blue Christmas one stood out for me, would make an excellent bee quilt. Can never have too many Christmas quilts and wall hangings.
And this bright bargello, not a fan of the bargello but this one was striking, I think the squares were 3" so that's alot of cutting.
There were some local quilt shops too, I bought a FQ bundle, a 1.5m remnant and 1m of Japanese Girl and cat print. In and out in less than 30 minutes, a great effort for a small group of 20 quilters.

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