Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

Fathers Day today, we took a day trip to Fremantle and had lunch with the family at Cicerello's (never mind there's one less than 7km from our house!)My dad got some nice pressies (Bunnings voucher, kids school photos in frame, cherry ripes, a plastic bag cutter - the gift that keeps returning) and I got my much needed Fat Flat from Helen, yay!! The kids had there first Cold Rock, Oliver had chocolate mixed with Crunchy Bar and Stuart had Lemon Sorbet with Gummy Bears, mmmm, yum, not! And we checked out the boats in the marina on the way home, Bob suggested we have a mini holiday and spend a weekend exploring the sights, must look into that. Back to work tomorrow, ugh!


Helen said...

OMG! Is there a Cicerellos 7kms from your house? Geeeze, if we had known that we would have gone there! LOL

The Humming Cat said...