Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mini comps

Mini comps were great, this was my first time as Costume Mum and I was also team photographer and backstage curtain puller! The girls are so great behind stage, as one team comes off and the next goes on they wish each other luck, such great little sports. Results 1st Place Mandurah (yay!) with 24 points, 2nd place Thornlie 11 points, 3rd place Carine on 10 points. Some fave pics of the day (I took over 200 photos!!) Cate ready to goRods, I love this red costume (love that it was already made!) Warming up for MarchHayley and Cate Freearm, dance was Hot Hot HotClubs, I love the hatsAesthetic, this is Cate's fave dance Family concert in 2 weeks and State Competition in 3 then bring on Solo's and Duos!


Cass said...

Well done Adds, looks like a great day

Emma said...

Well done, Costume Mum!