Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back to school!!

Hallelujah, they went back to school today!! It's always hot the first week back, today was a crazy 38 degrees. Thankfully the class rooms are air conditioned, and when its over 32 they get to have recess and lunch indoors where they can play boardgames with there classmates. Oliver is now in year 4 (OMG how did that happen??) Stuart has gone into year 3 And Cate is in year 1 (sob) They look all squinty from the sun, can't really see why, it was so cloudy and humid, a really blerk day wether wise.


Helen said...

White shirts for the boys?? Madness! Ctae looks stoked! How did she go with her man teacher?

Cascade Lily said...

A Lutheran school, eh? We'll be sending ours to a Quaker one :)

Some peace and quiet for you and nice time with friends for the kids. I look forward to those days!

Selina said...

You must be busily soaking up the quiet. :P
Can you please email me your snail mail so I can get started on your PIF gift?
Thanks lovely.
Oh, at the bell01 @ hotmail. com.

Tracy said...

You're in Alice? There's a Living Waters Lutheran school in Alice. I lived in the Territory for 16 years. Most of that in Tennant Creek but 4 years in Alice. We moved south a couple of years ago. Nice to have doctors, dentists and vets again!