Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New School Today

Off to the new school, we've gone Lutheran! The kids all together (Oliver has had a massive growth spurt these last few months, must be all the sea air)~Boys in there summer uniform (White shirts?? What were they thinking!!), Cate in her uniform (kindy and pre-primary kids wear sports clothes only) Don't recognise the garden? I borrowed the neighbours!!School BagsEmma, here are the socks! I thought they were $8 a pair, but there are only $6.Yay, I did have plans for some kid free sewing!! Or not, Bob made me go and get new tyres for the car, so I just had to go shopping while they were being fitted, then go watch the kids swimming lessons, and back to the school to collect them from class, a quick food shop, come home and put a load of washing on and then phone Helen! Sewing tomorrow, I promise!!


Gina said...

It's strange that when you get plenty of sewing time it never gets done. It's the same in this house.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

AJ said...

Hope the kids settle quickly into their new school...hoe could they not they look so grown up!!

Helen said...

I like the white shirts! They look smart! And those socks! I would have paid $9 for those stripes!