Friday, February 8, 2008

Muffin Man

On Sunday night Muffin went missing. The next morning, still no Muffin. As Little Cat had gone missing for 3 days prior, I wasn't too concerned. By Monday night I was out searching, Tuesday I was frantic, out searching on foot and by car, no sign of him, he has never wandered off before and I was thinking the worst. Wednesday morning, took Little Cat to the Vet for his snip, mention to the Vets that our cat was missing, they had him!!!
My poor Muffin Man. He was so scared, trembling all over, he was found on Monday afternoon in the bushes outside the Centro Shopping Centre (aprox 10 km away, crossing 2 bridges and numerous sets of traffic lights.) A lady found him and took him to the vets, he had lost his ID collar, he only had his flea collar on and as he wasn't microchipped they put him in a cage and hoped he would be claimed.
I can not believe we got him back! We have no idea how he got to the shops, the vets think he may of climbed under a car bonnet? His feet are so sore, he's damaged his front paws, lost all his back claws and his pads all grazed and infected. So he has 2 bandaged feet which he hates, he is now microchipped, has a new ID tag, is not allowed outside without supervision, not that hes complaining with 37+ degeree heat, hes happy to lay back, be fed ham, get lots of cuddles and stay cool under the aircon!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

So glad you were able to find him...stroke of luck really! Hope he makes a speedy recovery!

AJ said...

What a beautiful cat!!! I love the dark features around his eyes!!

I hope he is recovering well.